Mental Health in People with a Dual Disability


This e-learning resource on mental health for people with an intellectual disability was developed by the Victorian Dual Disability Service in conjunction with the Office of the Senior Practitioner. Please click below for a welcome from Dr Chad Bennet, Clinical Director of the VDDS, and an introduction from the site curator, Dr Angela Livingstone.  

How to Use this Resource

There are twelve separate modules in this resource, which can be done at your own pace. You will find links to these in the navigation button at the top of this page. Depending on your learning strategy these may each take up to three hours, including suggested reading and links. There are Key Learning Points identified for each module and self tests at the end of every section, which when successfully completed will generate a certificate which you can print out and save. You do not have to do all of these modules in the order that they are listed. however it may be useful to do so as several of them depend on information which you may have learned earlier. Feel free to use the back button at the base of the module pages to return to previous information or to return to a module you have previously studied if you want to revise your learning.   To start using this resource, please select a module from the navigation bar above and start learning. If you would like to provide feedback, please use the link below or the feedback button in the navigation bar.
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