Module 11 - Psychological Therapies and Social Interventions

Private Psychologists

Psychologists are university  trained and registered professionals who help with areas as diverse as: Marital, family and relationship problems Stress, migraines, or pain Fears, phobias, anxiety and panic attacks Depression and unresolved grief Sexual difficulties Sleeping difficulties Eating and weight control problems Children’s learning, behaviour and management problems Addictions Personal growth Specialties exist in different realms. For example, Clinical psychologists diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of mental health and general health issues affecting adults, children and families. Clinical neuropsychologists assess and manage individuals with brain impairment. Counselling psychologists assist individuals and groups in areas to do with personal well-being, relationships, work, recreation, health and crisis management. Forensic psychologists work with police services, the law and legal processes, and in correctional services. Sport psychologists assist people involved in sport and exercise to maximise their performance, enjoyment and participation. There may be variations between individual psychologists’ fees because of patient circumstances and proposed length of treatment. Rebates are available through Medicare for up to ten sessions at a time when referred by a person’s general practitioner although some psychologists may also charge an additional fee. In addition, private health insurance funds may offer rebates for psychological consultations, although some health funds require a medical referral. More information can be found at the Australian Psychological Society
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