Module 11 - Psychological Therapies and Social Interventions

Social Interventions

Social interventions are often overlooked but can be more important than any other type of intervention. It is important to make sure that people are comfortable and secure in their lives. This means that they have somewhere appropriate to live and that if they share this is with people that they like. It is also important to make sure that people have a range of activities that they find meaningful and satisfying and help provide them with a role. Recreational activities are also important as well as creating opportunities for social interactions and making and maintaining friendships. If the person has moved out of the family home they it may be important to them to have regular contact so they can maintain these relationships. Although these interventions are important they are may be difficult to achieve. Accommodation is not readily available and it is often hard to ensure that the mix of other residents and staff suits everybody. Finding activities to occupy the person can be hard, especially if the person has behaviour problems which can also compromise the person’s ability to form and maintain relationships. 
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